QUICK TR1300A Hot Air Rework Station

Introducing the QUICK TR1300A Rework Station

The latest model from QUICK’s line of Desoldering & Rework stations is here! Meet the new QUICK TR1300A Hot Air Rework Station, designed to improve desoldering efficiency.

The QUICK TR1300A Hot Air Rework Station is lead-free and ESD Safe. The latest addition to the QUICK range of smart tools and desoldering and rework stations offers fantastic performance, including the following key elements:

  • Quick nozzle replacement
  • Multi-function handle holder, smart start-stop
  • Bend-resistant bending spring ensures stable flow output
  • Standard ally nozzles, custom nozzles available
  • Spit design
  • Key type control

In addition, the Hot Air Rework Station also offers:

  • Multipoint temperature digital calibration, password lock function
  • Parameters of three channels pre-set memory
  • Temperature alarm function, °C and °F interchangeable
  • Ability to adopt two-stage supercharging brushless pump, air pressure stability, long life
  • Capability to set the parametres such as temperature, air velocity and time
  • Ceramic heating element, plug type design
  • ESD design, ESD testing function

To learn more about the QUICK TR1300A, read the full product description here.

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