Temporary Masking Using UV92

Temporary Masking Using HumiSeal UV92 Masking Gel to Encapsulate Components

Using HumiSeal UV92 to Encapsulate Components

HumiSeal UV92 UV Curable Masking Gel is the ideal product to completely encapsulate components, leaving no residue behind after demasking. Using HumiSeal UV92 to Encapsulate Components is beneficial due to its easy use and curing on applications with space limitations.

HumiSeal UV92 is a soft, one-part, thixotropic paste, and UV curable material that is easily applied because of its shearing thinning viscosity. The main benefit is that it provides a temporary barrier to prevent ingress of coatings into keep-out areas.

HumiSeal UV92 has:
  • Excellent solvent resistance that provides selective release from conformal coating.
  • Ability to survive intermittent exposure to temperatures up to 150°C.
  • REACH and RoHS compliance.
HumiSeal UV92 Properties:
  • Applies easily by syringes and dispensing machines.
  • Keeps contact points and connections free of coating.
  • Will not tarnish gold, tin, copper, phosphor bronze and Sn/Pb solder.
  • Easily removed by peeling – leaves no residue to interfere with subsequent operations.
Application of HumiSeal UV92:

Tools required:

  • HumiSeal UV92
  • Dispensing hand gun and needle gauge 14 to 18
  • Gauge 14-18 needles
  • UV Torch
  • UV protection glasses
  • Tweezers

Apply HumiSeal UV92 at a thickness up to 5mm to areas on a printed circuit board where coating is not desired. Cure HumiSeal UV92 under recommended UV exposure before applying a HumiSeal conformal coating. Remove HumiSeal UV92 from the completed board by gently peeling it away from the surface of the protected area.

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