QUICK TR1300A Hot Air Rework StationQUICK TR1300A Hot Air Rework Station

Hot Air Rework Station

The QUICK TR1300A Hot Air Rework Station is intelligent, efficient, and safe reworking. With constant air flow, abundant heat, and high efficiency, it is particularly suitable for special applications reworking, such as low-temperature, big components, and high heat-consuming.

The QUICK TR1300A Hot Air Rework Station is lead-free and ESD Safe. The latest addition to the QUICK range of smart tools and desoldering and rework stations offers fantastic performance, including the following key elements:

  • Quick nozzle replacement
  • Multi-function handle holder, smart start-stop
  • Bend-resistant bending spring ensures stable flow output
  • Standard ally nozzles, custom nozzles available
  • Spit design
  • Key type control

Improve Desoldering Efficiency with these features:

  • Large power design, ensure sufficient heating, smart distribution, maximum power up to 1300W
  • Zone heating design, preheating and fast reworking combined together, realizing high efficiency and safety
  • Password lock function, preventing production process parameters from being changed with permission
  • Safety design for sudden power reset to prevent automatic heating
  • Touch-type sleep function
  • Machine On-Off via software, low standby power
  • Output constant airflow, unaffected by nozzle dimensions and nozzle tube deformation
  • Auto identification design, alarms if soldering iron does not match with the soldering station
  • 3 different temperatures can be switched fast, meeting different soldering process
  • Real-time monitoring of ESD grounding function, ensuring ESD safety of soldering products
  • Both Celsius and Fahrenheit degrees are available
  • Auto power-off function, decreasing consumable parts cost, saving energy

The QUICK TR1300A Hot Air Reworking Station is suitable for the following applications:

  • Reworking various components, such as SOIC, CHIP, QFP, SOP, PLCC, SOJ, BGA and QFN
  • Heat shrinkage, drying, paint removal, defrostation, preheating, sterilising, adhesive soldering, etc
  • Air volume adjustable, suitable for small and large air volume heating occasions
  • Suitable for all lead-free hot air reworking occasions

Intelligent, Efficient, and Safe Reworking.

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QUICK TR1300A Hot Air Rework Station


Hot Air Rework Station

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