Looking for cost-effective quality assurance? Viscom is here!

Viscom has developed a series of best-of-class inspection systems. Over 30 years of industry knowledge and innovation have led Viscom to develop a range of high-precision inspection technologies. These systems inspect concealed solder joints, miniaturised components or densely packed circuit boards fast and reliably are prerequisites for flawless, 100% reliable products.

The Viscom range of systems includes:

ONBoard Solutions customers successfully integrating Viscom Technology include:

Hetech Logo

“Hetech needed to implement Class 3 inspection utilising automated AOI to expand our go-to-market capabilities. After looking into systems available this led us to select and implement the Viscom S3088UltraBlue 2D/3D AOI system. Hetech now can provide a stronger, more efficient production process for our customers. The support provided by ONBoard Solutions and Viscom Support has been well received and the system is now an integral part of our SMT process verification strategy and we have been satisfied with the investment.”

-David Edington, Hetech Director

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“We really saw the benefits of low false reading, as in the past it created more work to acknowledge false rather the verify the actual defects. Viscom with its sophisticated software and high-resolution camera addressed this properly.”

-Nick Niculita, Engineering Manager