Infared Preheater

About Product
● Imported infrared ceramic heater, fast heating, high efficiency, long life time.
● Built-in thermometer, can check temperature of PCB conveniently.
● Closed-loop sensor, PID control, temperature accurate and stable.
● Suitable for PCB preheating and other process which requires whole and even heating.

Product Specification
●Power Consumption 400 W
●Heating Area 130×130mm
●Plate Material Ceramic heater
●Temperature Sensor K-type thermocouple
●Temperature Range 50℃-350℃
●Range of Thermometer 0-600℃
●Ambient Conditions 0-40℃
●Temperature Stability ±1℃
●Dimensions 255(L)×200(W)×63(H)mm
●Weight About 2.5kg

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Infared Preheater

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