Hot Air Soldering Rework Station

About Product
● Three regular channels”CH1″, “CH2” and “CH3”, each channel’s parameters including temperature and airflow can be set.
● Password protection and key-lock functions.
● Real time operation by the magnetic switch, enter sleeping state when the handle is placed on holder.
● Auto sleeping function, parameters can be set in sleeping mode.
● Closed-loop sensor, temperature can be controlled by zero voltage triggering mode and adjusted conveniently, accurate and stable, not affected by airflow. Large power, rapid heating.
● A multipurpose unit, with brushless whirlpool motor, wide range and stepless adjustable airflow.
● An automatic cooling system can prolong the lifetime of heating element and protect the handle

Product Specification
● Power Consumption 1000W
● Temperature Range 100℃ -500℃
● Airflow Range 1-120 class
● Max Airflow 120L/min
● Size(L×D×H) 188(L)×245(D)×135(H)mm
● Weight 3.65kg

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Hot Air Soldering Rework Station

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