Dispensing Robot

About Product
● High cost performance linear structure platform, good appearance.
● Teach pendant, easy to program.
● Controlled by high precision step motor, accurate dispensing path.
● Dispensing speed and time can be set separately.
● Start point calibration.
● Be available for dispensing different shapes, point, line and circular etc.
● Various needles, syringe, dispensing valves and controllers available, suitable for different applications.

Product Specification
●Voltage 100-240V AC
●Axis 3
●Movement Range X 250mm, Y 250mm, Z 100mm
●Speed Range X 0.1-800mm/sec, Y 0.1-800mm/sec, Z 0.1-400mm/sec
●Repeat Accuracy ±0.02mm
●Resolution 0.01mm
●Loaded Weight Worktable 8kg, Head 5kg
●Speed Control Smoothly
●Gluing Compensation Glue feeding ahead or delay etc
●Demo File Number ≤999, Max 60000 points for each file
●Process File Number ≤255
●Environmental Temperature 0-40℃
●Humidity Conditions 20%-90%(No condensing)
●Size W×D×H 420×420×580mm
●Weight Around 22kg

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Dispensing Robot

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