Dispensing Controller

About Product
● Time of each injection controlled by timer, dispensing at regular time and
quantity to ensure same glue quantity each time.
● Select right nozzles, set right injection time and pressure, each injection
time and quantity can be changed.
● Can be used to inject liquid or paste, include red gel, yellow gel, epoxy
resin, solder, silica gel, soldering fluid etc.
● Pedal switch and manual control modes available, manual mode is
more suitable for stand-up staff.
● Various syringes and nozzles are available.

Product Specification
● Dispensing Mode 16 modes available
● Dispensing Time 0.01S-99.99S adjustable
● Interval Time 0.1S-9.9S adjustable
● Repeat Stability ±0.05%
● Inner Voltage AC 24V
● Min Injection Dosage 0.01ml
● Input Air Pressure 0.25-0.7MPa(2.5-7kg)
● Output Air Pressure 0.01-0.7MPa(1-7kg)
● Dimensions 238(L)×150(W)×60(H)mm
● Weight About 1.7kg

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Dispensing Controller

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