MBTech MC200 Cleaning SystemMBTech MC200 Cleaning System

Efficient, Economical, Environmentally Friendly

MBTech MC200, a high precision water-based cleaning machine, designed especially for maintenance tools and parts in the electronic production environment. Suitable maintenance parts include:

  • Solder carriers.
  • Coating carriers.
  • Oven flux condensers & filters.
  • ESD boxes.
  • Other maintenance parts.
How the MBTech MC200 Cleaning Machine works:

Efficient and ergonomic, the MC200 Cleaning System uses spray in air technology. Simply place the parts into the stainless-steel basket and submit to the superior cleaning performance of a high-flow/low-pressure sprayer from 3 directions. Meanwhile, the basket will rotate for optimal cleaning. You are therefore left with perfectly cleaned tools in just a few minutes.

There is an option for spray during the air rising step, in open-loop, which can be done with either tap or deionised water, using a separate fluid circuit.

Finally, the high flow airdrying system thoroughly dries the parts. Additionally, there is an option for an air knife arm using compressed air between all process steps to reduce drag out and fluid consumption.

The use of an aqueous product (no flash-point, low VOC content), ensures a 100% closed-loop cleaning process, therefore, helping to meet today’s economic and environmental demands.

  • Ergonomic loading and unloading.
  • A high-flow spray arm with nozzles in 3 directions which therefore avoids a shadow effect.
  • Water-based cleaning process in a close-loop.
  • Rinsing in open or close loop.
  • Superior hot air drying.
  • Optional air knife between each step.
  • Optional filtration, which thus extends the wash solution lifetime.
  • Full stainless-steel robust construction with containment tray.
  • Effective cleaning of flux and dust.
  • Easy bath control with a ph meter.
  • No contact with cleaning medium.
  • No parts handling.
  • Low cleaning process costs, thus providing economic efficiency.
  • Closed chamber consequently minimises the evaporation cleaning agent losses.
  • PLC control with a touch screen panel, for optimised process setting.
  • Minimal maintenance requirements.

Read about ONBoard Solutions’ first installation of the MC200 in Sydney, Australia here.

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MBTech MC200 Maintenance Cleaning Equipment

Efficient, Economical, Environmentally Friendly