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Welcoming our Newest Partnership with MBTech!

Welcome, MBTech Cleaning Systems

ONBoard Solutions is proud to announce a new partnership with French company, MBTech Cleaning Systems as part of their overall global expansion. Our team is delighted to be the official and exclusive distributor of MBTech High Precision Cleaning Machines in both Australia and New Zealand.

MBTech Specialises in Water-Based Immersion Cleaning Technologies, particularly for:

  • Printing Applications Cleaning.
  • Electronic Boards Cleaning.
  • Semiconductor Cleaning.
  • Maintenance Cleaning.

In this case, our sales team recorded its first success with MBTech Cleaning Systems in just a few weeks. The sale and installation of an MBTech MC200 Maintenance Cleaner to Legrand, based in Prestons, NSW.

MBTech Cleaning Systems
MBTech Cleaning Systems, Legrand, Sydney

The MC200 is based on spray in air technology. Parts are placed into a stainless-steel basket and submitted to a high-flow/low-pressure sprayer’s superior cleaning performance from 3 directions, while the basket rotates. As a result, the parts are perfectly cleaned in just a few minutes.

The MC200 Maintenance Cleaning Equipment is an overall efficient Cleaning System, that provides:

  • Ergonomic loading and unloading.
  • High-pressure nozzles in 3 directions, hence avoiding a shadow effect.
  • Heavy-duty rotating basket.
  • Water-based closed-loop process.
  • Rinse free.
  • No compressed air facility.
  • Superior hot air drying.
  • Optional air knife between each step.
  • Optional filtration, specifically to extend the wash solution lifetime.
  • Full stainless-steel construction with a containment tray.

Our client can now enjoy all these benefits, as well as quick cleaning, with a very low running cost, for wave solder frames and reflow oven filters.

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To learn more about how an MBTech High Precision Cleaning System can benefit your company, contact us here or on 02 9695 1030.