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Vapor Degreasing Solvent Cleaning Process

High tech companies are finding it increasingly difficult to optimize their industrial cleaning process lines due to expanding choices among products and processes, stricter environmental and safety regulations (REACH, VOC, FGAS, etc.), and cost considerations.

Expert chemists at INVENTEC have helped thousands of customers worldwide optimize their precision cleaning processes by applying scientific methods to assist with product and process specification, and evaluating results to validate the achievement of superior results and reduce costs in the safest and most environmentally-friendly manner possible.

Our precision cleaning solutions, therefore, meet the highest requirements.

  • Worker protection, compliance with regulations (F-GAZ, REACH) and brand protection
  • Substitution of toxic and emitting chemicals (PERC, TRI, non CMR…)
  • Industry Homologations (Aero, Auto, Electronics….)
  • Internal client requirements (specification, technical, cost, process, HSEQ, etc…)
  • Materials compatibility
  • Operational studies (space, equipment, energy, flammability..)

GREENWAY™, a new corporate identity and a real opportunity of « green growth » for our customers.

Greenway is a certification that validates a successful eco-design of INVENTEC products or services, verified by a third party such as Bureau Veritas. 1/3 of parameters impacting the environment or safety are improved without degrading the others while maintaining the technical performances. It is part of a continuous improvement that allows us to anticipate the future needs of our customers and the requirements to come.

In the early 1990s with the implementation of the Montreal Protocol,  aqueous systems were favored to eliminate ozone-depleting solvents such as CFC-113, HCFC-141b, and 1,1,1-trichloroethane but, thanks to new technologies a big range of non-ozone depleting solvents are now available. Together with the improvements in equipment design, vapor degreasing is the cheaper and more environmentally friendly process.

For key facts and information at a glance, please read the Department of Agriculture, Water, and the Environment`s website.

You can also find more detailed information in our KNOW HOW section.

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biological safety cabinet class II A2 Onboard solutions australia biobase china

Bibobase Class II A2 Biological Safety Cabinet

11231BBC86 is the best-seller of Biobase worldwide and comes with great advantages;

  • 3 Years Warranty
  • H14 HEPA Filter with Filter Life Indicator
  • Motorised, Anti-UV Front Window
  • Visual and Audio Alarm: Filter Life, Window Over-height, Abnormal Air Flow
  • 2*UV Lamp with Large LCD Display
  • Remote Control
  • 2 Waterproof Sockets

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