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wock professional footwear onboard corona

Innovation and Comfort: Professional Shoes from WOCK

We are very happy about our new cooperation with WOCK. For people who spend many hours every day on their feet, the choice of footwear is of central importance.

WOCK has been active in the shoe business for more than four decades. This gave them time to learn, innovate, raise industry standards, and then learn more. What we like so much is that everything is done with passion. The shoes reflect a young spirit and meet requirements of comfort, ease of use, and legal obligations. The high degree of customization with colors, components, and fit allows our customers to design the best-fitting shoe for everyday use. Their passion has been recognized and WOCK has won the 2018 Global Health Award, Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Award, and the GAPI from 2005-2013. We look forward to working together to provide you with the ideal footwear for everyday work


We believe in the individuality of professionals, who stay truthful to themselves.

Real people, who embrace their careers to the fullest. Individuals who ensure they feel good, in order to do their jobs better.

Hence, we work to help you achieve this well-being and to hearten your smile.

We are inspired by every “good morning”, we take pride in each “good night” with less tiredness, and feeling secure that our mission will be accomplished. Because it’s your well-being that motivates us.

We stand by you. We are with you in every step because it`s your well-being that motivates us.

Here is a piece of brief information about choosing the right shoe!

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