HumiSeal UV92 UV Curable Masking GelHumiSeal UV92 UV Curable Masking Gel

HumiSeal UV92 UV Curable Masking Gel is a soft, one part UV curable masking material. UV92 is a thixotropic paste that applies easily because of its shearing thinning viscosity profile and is 100% cured by exposure to UV to provide a temporary barrier to prevent ingress of coatings to keep out areas.

HumiSeal UV92 has excellent solvent resistance that provides selective release from conformal coating. The gel also has the ability to survive intermittent exposure to temperatures up to 150°C and is REACH and RoHS compliant.

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Properties of HumiSeal UV92 UV Curable Masking Gel
Specific Gravity at 25°C 1.04
Viscosity Thixotropic paste
Appearance Milky white
Chemical Class Urethane acrylate
Shelf Life, DOM 12 months, stored at 18 +/- 10 °C
Recommended Curing Conditions UV-LED at 365nm or 405nm “H” type microwave or arc lamp (minimum power of 200 mW/cm²)
Cleanup Solvent Isopropyl alcohol
Glass Transition Temperature (Tg) -50 °C
Hardness 40 Shore A
Elongation at Break > 200%
Operating Temperature Range -50 to 150 °C
Application of HumiSeal UV92 UV Curable Masking Gel

Apply HumiSeal UV92 at a thickness up to 5mm to areas on a printed circuit board where the coating is not desired. Cure HumiSeal UV92 under recommended UV exposure indicated above before applying HumiSeal conformal coatings. Remove HumiSeal UV92 from the completed board by gently peeling it away from the surface of the protected area.

Storage of HumiSeal UV92 UV Curable Masking Gel

HumiSeal UV92 should be stored between 8 °C and 28 ºC in tightly closed containers away from direct sunlight and light sources.


Application of HumiSeal UV92 should be carried out in accordance with local and National Health and Safety regulations. Use only in well-ventilated areas to avoid inhalation of vapour. Avoid contact with skin and eyes.

Consults SDS prior to use.

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HumiSeal UV92 UV Curable Masking Gel