Aqueous Cleaners Product Solutions

The INVENTEC aqueous cleaners are concentrated products composed of blends of high performance detergents, liquid, mainly alkaline, and specially formulated to be used by dipping or by spraying to clean any type of contaminants. Their very low surface tension provides outstanding cleaning properties.
Main Features
VOC Biodegradable Surface Tension dynes/cm Spray & Ultrasonic immersion Pack Size Datasheet Price
Oven 4
Manual Cleaner for Reflow oven maintenance
1 litre More Details
Promoclean TP 1128
Suitable for the cleaning of Wavesoldering Frames
5 litre More Details
Disper 605
Designed for SMT Glues none polymerized
5 litre More Details
For Stencil and misprint cleaning of non reflowed solder paste
5 litre More Details
PCBA defluxing cleaner for aqueous cleaning process
8% 29.5 5 litre More Details
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