Epoxy Technology’s extensive line of optical adhesives is used for bonding and coating in many applications; most commonly in fiberoptics. Our epoxy adhesives are frequently used to bundle optical fibers and bond components in optoelectronic devices. Some Products are also available in single part frozen syringes - please contact us for more information.
Main Features
Cure Type Viscosity Pot Life Hours Hardness Characteristics Datasheet Price
Epotek 730-110-BLK
80DegC-2h High 1 Shore 64D Black Version of 730-110 More Details
Epotek 730-110
80DegC-2h Medium 1 Shore 76D Medium viscoisty verion of 730 More Details
Epotek 730-BLK
80DegC-2h High 1 Shore 64D Black version of 730 More Details
Epotek 730
80DegC-2h High 1 Shore 64D Thixotropic Paste type adhesive, excellent all round general purpose adhesive, easy 1:1 mix, wide range cure temps room to 100 Deg C More Details
Epotek 353ND
150DegC-1H Medium 3 to 4 Shore 85D Medium viscosity, high Tg, high strength , work horse material - good high performance More Details
Epotek 302-3M-BLK
65Deg C-3H Medium 1 Shore 80D Black version of 302-3M More Details
Epotek 302-3M
65Deg C-3H Medium 1 Shore 80D Clear, medium viscosity, room temp cure, low outgassing with low water absorption More Details
Epotek 302
23Deg-2H Medium 10 min Shore 73D Convient 1:1 Ratio, Fast Room Cure More Details
Epotek 301-2FL
60DegC-4H Low 10 Shore 70D More flexible version of Epotek 301-2 More Details
Epotek 301-2
45DegC-16H Low 8 Shore 80D Clear, low viscosity, long pot life, room temp cure More Details
Epotek 301 Optically Clear Epoxy Adhesive
65Deg C-1H Low 1 to 2 Shore 85D Clear, low viscosity, room temp cure, used for potting More Details