MBTech NC25E PCB Cleaning SystemMBTech NC25E PCB Cleaning System

Efficient, Economical, Environmentally Friendly

MBTech NC25E PCB Cleaning System. Specially designed to meet high-quality Printed Circuit Board cleaning requirements, it is both efficient and innovative. The NC25E uses a patented filtration system to clean PCB after reflow, and additionally, misprinted boards.

How the MBTech NC25E PCB Cleaning System works:

PCBs are first immersed in a washing tank and undergo a combined action of vertical shaking coupled with turbulent, bubbly airflow. This stage provides a highly efficient level of cleaning. Secondly, the boards are transferred into a DI water rinse stage. They are then dried using a unique combination process of forced convection and vacuum.

The use of an aqueous product (no flash point, low VOC content) makes it possible to separate the residue, ensuring a 100% closed-loop cleaning process. This is an extremely effective way to meet today’s economic and environmental demands. Additionally, this equipment has also been qualified to use semi water-based cleaner for specific applications.

  • Patented spray under immersion cleaning process.
  • Unique drying process with a vacuum.
  • Low running costs, therefore, economically sustainable.
  • 100% closed-loop operation for wash and rinse.
  • Construction on a contaminant tray.
  • Option for ultrasonic.
  • Option for a traceability system.
  • Fast locking board holders and racks.
  • Automatic transfer system.
  • Rack storage on loading/unloading conveyors.
  • Fully monitored equipment and process.
  • No operator supervision required, hence time efficient.

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MBTech NC25E PCB Cleaning System

Efficient, Economical, Environmentally Friendly