FS Bondtec 8650 Battery Bonding System

Many applications require battery packs of different types and quantities. A central production step is the interconnection of the battery cells. But which technology is the most suitable?

For the interconnection of cylindrical lithium battery cells, this is primarily wire bonding. This technology is established in semiconductor technology and is characterized above all by high reliability and service life of the connections. In addition, the flexibility of the connection technology is a major advantage – different cell or module geometries do not require specially manufactured connector types, but are simply realized by wire bonds of different lengths arranged in different orientations.

>> Typically wires of aluminum and copper
>> Battery can is steel with Nickel coating
>> Bond wire can also be used as fuse
>> Typically, up to 100 cells are connected in parallel – no trouble with high voltages

Best Practice Guide Battery bonding

The ultrasonic wire bonders from F&S BONDTEC offer the most flexible and advantageous connection techniques for battery cells in the battery pack production. We developed a best practice guide in which we show what is important for the successful production of battery packs using ultrasonic wire bonding technology.

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