Inventec Performance Chemicals offers various type of soldering fluxes to suit your process requirements

Inventec Soldering Fluxes

Main Features
Solid Content Flash Point Halogen Free Wave Soldering Dispense Pack Size Datasheet Price
Ecofrec TF49
No Clean Tacky Flux with Clear residuesTacky Flux with
SAC 305 217C 10cc & 30cc More Details
Ecofrec 200
No-Clean Flux used in N2 or normal atmosphere
2.00% 16°C 5L drum More Details
Ecofrec 205

No-Clean Flux with high wetting performance

4.20% 16°C 5L drum More Details
Ecofrec 303
VOC No Clean- Flux offers High reliability
3.50% none 5L drum More Details

Do I need Cleaning?

All these Fluxes are chemically inert. However, if cleaning is required, the residue left after reflow can be easily removed if needed with a large range of cleaning solutions, such as detergents, hydro-carbonated solvents or halogenated solvents.