UV Curable

UV Curable Epoxy offers excellent adhesion and reliability due to the epoxy backbone (rather than acrylate backbone). Low shrinkage, not subject to oxygen inhibition and Cationic photoinitiators are not quenched by oxygen. UV Epoxies are capable of “Dark” Cure, curing can be active in the absence of UV light, enables a small degree of curing in areas never seen by the UV light, for a limited distance - Most are thermally post-curable with a greater degree of conversion than UV cure alone (Initial UV cure is required for best thermal post cure results).
Main Features
Cure Type Storage Viscosity Pot Life Hours Hardness Application Scope Datasheet Price
Epotek OG603
UV Room - 12 Months low N/A Shore 84D All purpose general adhesive, all-pupose, fibre optic, sealing and coating. More Details
Epotek OG198-55
UV-Post heat 5-10 Deg C - 12 Months medium N/A Shore 85D Fiber Optic,LCDs,Non-Conductive,Optical Materials,Opto-Packaging,Packaging Materials,Semiconductor More Details
Epotek OG198-54
UV-Post heat 5-10 Deg C - 12 Months low N/A Shore 86D Fiber Optic,LCDs,Opto-Packaging More Details
Epotek OG116-31
UV-Post heat Room - 12 Months high N/A Shore 83D Circuit / Electronic Assembly,Glob Top,Hybrids Microelectronics,Non-Conductive,Opto-Packaging,PCB Level Materials,Semiconductor. Glob top dame applications More Details
Epotek OG142-87
UV-Post heat 5-10 Deg C - 12 Months low N/A Shore 82D Fiber Optic,Glob Top Fill,LCDs,Non-Conductive,Optical Materials,Opto-Packaging,Solar More Details