Medical ISO10993

Now, many of our adhesives have undergone additional specialised ISO 10993 testing to be classified as biocompatible/medical grade adhesives, which we call our EPO-TEK® “MED” line. "Including Certificate of Compliance for ISO 10993 testing from an independent outside laboratory". Including Certificate of Analysis from EPO-TEK® Quality department for each specific lot.
Main Features
Cure Type Storage Viscosity Pot Life Hours ISO10993-x Characteristics Datasheet Price
Epotek MED-T7110
60DegC-4H Room - 12 Months Medium 3 4 Viscous liquid, TCA with low viscosity, some thermal conduictivity More Details
Epotek MED-H20E
150DegC-1.5H Room - 12 Months High 20 4,5,6,10,11 Smooth thixotropic paste, Electrical & Thermal conductivity and high reliability More Details
Epotek MED-198-54
UV Room - 12 Months low N/A 4,5,6,10,11 Clear, low viscosity, UV shadow curable with high Tg More Details
UV+80DegC-2H Room - 12 Months High N/A 4,5,6,10,11 Viscous liquid, thixotropic, high Tg, UV curing with excellent chemical resistance More Details
Epotek MED-353ND
150DegC-1.5H Room - 12 Months medium <3 4,5,6,10,11 Medium viscosity, high Tg, high strength (worldwide standard for endoscopes) More Details
Epotek MED-302-3M
80DegC-2H Room - 12 Months medium < 1 4 Clear, medium viscosity, room temp cure, low outgassing with low water absorption More Details
Epotek MED-301-2FL
60DegC-4H Room - 12 Months low < 8 4 More flexible version of MED-301-2 More Details
Epotek MED-301-2
45DegC-16H Room - 12 Months low 8 4,5,6,10,11 Clear, low viscosity, long pot life, room temp cure More Details
Epotek MED-301
65Deg C-1H Room - 12 Months low 1 to 2 4,5,6,10,11 Fiber Optic,Glob Top Fill,LCDs,Non-Conductive,Optical Materials,Opto-Packaging,Solar More Details