Manual Cleaner for Reflow oven maintenance

Exceptional cleaning power

PROMOCLEAN OVEN 4 is a microemulsion that completely dissolves residues on reflow oven parts and makes maintenance cleaning easy.

Easy to use

No need for heavy scrubbing, PROMOCLEAN OVEN 4 leaves behind a perfectly clean surface with minimal effort.

Pleasant smell

Leaves a pleasant smell in the work area.

Process parameters

PROMOCLEAN OVEN 4 is ready to use in a very economical spray bottle. It can be used to replace petroleum-based and chlorinated solvents for totally safe dissolution of flux and solder pastes residues.

Product may be applied manually with a cloth (must be wiped off), sprayed on or used in an ultrasonic immersion tank.

Unit Size - 1 litre

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Oven 4


Manual Cleaner for Reflow oven maintenance