Acrylic conformal coatings are perhaps the most popular of all conformal coating materials as they are easy to apply and remove, a wide process window for use. Significant humidity resistance and exhibit low glass transition temperatures. Acrylic coatings dry rapidly, are fungus resistant and provide long pot life.
Acrylic Coatings
Cure Type Viscosity Cps Touch Dry VOC-Flammable Needs Thinner Characteristics Datasheet Price / SKU
AB Chimie AVR80 BA Acrylic Removable Coating
AB Chimie AVR80 BA Acrylic Removable Coating: Ultimate Protection with Removability
UV 250 10-15 mins Removable, Acrylic More Details
Humiseal 1B73 Acrylic Conformal Coating
Room - Thermal 250 10-30min UL Approval, Acrylic More Details
Humiseal 1B31 Acrylic Conformal Coating
Room - Thermal 200 10-30min Acrylic Coating More Details
Please see our complementary PCB cleaning-defluxing chemistries to enhance your conformal coating process. Additionally we can offer Conformal Coating automation solutions from dip coating to selective sprat coating systems.