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TM 5/12/14 M Series (Mobile Versions)

The TM5/12/14M (Mobile) Series has full ISO/TS15066 CE certification and safety approved robot features up to +/-0.05mm point repeat-ability and easy to use software and servo assist teach modes. Programs for simple solutions can be released in 5-30 min as opposed to weeks and the robots can operate without safety fences in co-operation with machine operators.

The ‘M’ Series versions Cobots are powered by 48VDC rather than mains power for the standard models. This enables use on AGV platforms for autonomous applications.

TM Robot comes with built in vision hardware and integrated vision software with human machine interface. Function such as shape matching, barcode & QR code reading, color recognition, OCR etc are all easily configured from the integral robot design toolbox.

TM Work Space Marker

TM Marker ONBoard Solutions

Another advantage having vision capability is the unique  TM Workspace marker, a standard feature on TM5 Series Systems.  A production program can quickly re-calibrate to work area positions in XYZ and tilt to start working even after moving systems , with no positional adjustment needed. This can have as many work space zones as you like.

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TM5/12/14M Cobots

TM 5/12/14 M Series (Mobile Versions)