Sonotek FlexiCoat-2Sonotek FlexiCoat-2

Ultrasonic Spray Coating System

Ultrasonic Stand Alone US Nozzle Thin Film Coating System

Automated, programmable Standalone coating system with coordinated XYZ motion control using Windows-based software and user-friendly teach pendant with trackball. Versatile R&D to mid-volume production thin film coatings.

  • Work Area: 500 x 500 x 100mm – Larger Cartesian Envelope,  available on request
  • Head Configuration: up to two heads (Ultrasonic or Vector)
  • Liquid Delivery: Syringe pump, gantry mounted syringe pump, MicroFlow, SonoFlow Fusion, HyperFlow catalyst pump
  • Dual Head capable
  • Inline and Stand alone configurations.

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SonoTek FlexiCoat

Ultrasonic Spray Coating System