Condensation & Vacuum In Line Soldering System

Inline condensation soldering with vacuum

The CondensoX-Line has brought a system to market that enables vacuum condensation soldering processes to be easily integrated into standard SMD lines. This allows void-free solder joints to be manufactured in a completely inert process environment (<100ppm O2), whether they are standard modules with BGA devices or DCB substrates for power electronics.

Unique technological advantages:

  • Ideal for the processing of massive assemblies (IGBT, Heatsinks) down to sensitive sub-modules (01005, 03015)
  • Reliable condensation soldering process for SMD manufacturing in a continuous process
  • Horizontal transport of the modules of the entire process
  • Inert process atmosphere during the entire soldering process for increased reliability of the assembly
  • Cooling section can be used with <100ppm residual oxygen, ideal for subsequent bonding processes and surfaces to be protected against oxidation
  • Void-free soldering with the use of vacuum for best results
  • Significantly higher throughput when compared with stand-alone systems or batch systems, thanks to the multi-chamber structure
  • Easy line integration
  • Best traceability of soldering processes

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Condensation & Vacuum In Line Soldering System