Convection Soldering System Energy Efficient

Energy-efficient system ensures reduced operating costs

The VisionXP+ is our best-in-class convection reflow soldering system which is clearly in line with the trend towards dealing with natural resources in an environmentally sound fashion.

Unique technological advantages:

  • Process stability
  • Environmentally aware management of resources
  • Greatly reduced consumption of energy, nitrogen and coolant water in the standby mode
  • Outside panel temperature of max. 15° C above room temperature
  • EC Motors
  • Full control thanks to monitoring of current, nitrogen and energy consumption for cooling
  • Durable insulation for greatly reduced transfer of heat to the environment
  • Minimal maintenance costs
  • Efficient residue management
  • Outstanding traceability through the use of numerous software tools

Vacuum after the soldering process

  • Vacuum down to 2 mbar for reducing the number of voids in the solder joints
  • Three-part conveyor: preheating and peak zone, vacuum module, cooling tract

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Rehm VXP+

Convection Soldering System Energy Efficient