Rehm COndenso XC Reflow System ONBoard Solutions AustraliaRehm COndenso XC Reflow System ONBoard Solutions Australia

Condensation & Vacuum Soldering System

Reliable processes with and without vacuum

In condensation reflow soldering with the CondensoX-Series, soldering is accomplished with the aid of a hot vapour as well as the medium Galden®. Since the heat transfer in condensation soldering is up to ten times higher than with convection soldering it is particularly suitable for handling large or high-mass boards.

Unique technological advantages:

  • Injection principle (repeatable control of the reflow profile)
  • Hermetically sealed process chamber
  • Controllable vacuum process – pre-vacuum and vacuum after soldering possible
  • Manual loading from frontside
  • No Galden® loss, active Galden® filtering
  • Optional process monitoring (traceability) with the wireless WPS system

A defined quantity of fluid (usually perfluorpolyether) is vaporized during operation in the process chamber, which is hermetically sealed by means of a bulkhead.  The vapor allows for extremely effective heat transfer to the PCBs due to the release of heat during condensation.

Rehm XC


Condensation & Vacuum Soldering System

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