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Cold degreasing and drying

Applicable to many industries, QUICKSOLV DEF 90 is a specialty solvent developed to degrease and dry many materials at room temperature.

QUICKSOLV DEF 90 of INVENTEC is a non azeotropic formulation of NOVEC 7100 and 1,2-transdichlorethylene. It is clear and colourless with a slight odour, designed to replace existing solvents that have an ODP and are hazardous.

QUICKSOLV DEF 90 is intended for use in cold cleaning operations.

This High-Tech fluid has no ODP. Its thermal and chemical stability, its non-flammability and its very low toxicity provide the best compromise between efficiency, safety of use and the environment.

Unit Size - 30L Drum

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Quicksolv DEF90

Cold degreasing and drying