BGA Rework System

About Product
● Top hot air heating, bottom infrared preheating & hot air heating.
● The optical prism 50*50mm ensures high precision alignment.
● Various types of titanium nozzles available, easy replacement.
● Powerful fan cools bottom heating area rapidly.

Product Specification
●General Power 4500W(Max)
●Voltage 220V/230V AC 50/60HZ
●Power of Top Heater 1200W
●Bottom Hot Air Power 1200W
●Bottom Preheating Power 1600W
●Cooling Speed of Side Fan ≤3.5 m³/min
●Hot Air Temperature Range 400℃(Max)
●Preheating Temperature Range 400℃(Max)
●Bottom Preheating Size 400mm*400mm
●Max PCB Size 420mm*300mm
●Chip Size Range 2*2mm ~60*60mm
●Placement Precision ±0.025mm
●Placement Force 1.5N/ No press(Two modes)
●Camera 12V/300mA, 22*10 Magnifying, horizontal resolution, 480 lines, PAL format
●LED Light Bottom orange, top blue(Brightness adjustable)
●Communication USB(Connect with PC)
●External K-Type Sensor 5 PCS
●Net Weight 55kg
●Dimensions 810(L) x 675(W) x 835(H) mm

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BGA Rework System

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