Villeda UltraSpeed ProVilleda UltraSpeed Pro

Double Bucket System

Faster, cleaner, easier

Developed for all large area general floor cleaning tasks. All systems feature a simple to use press, integrated handle holders and an innovative double bucket chassis. To simplify the choice we have created three kits:

  • Double bucket version of the fastest bucket and press microfibre mopping system
  • Innovative second bucket allows system to be used with press in the middle or back of the system
  • Starter kits contain mop system, wringer, mop frame and mop pad
  • Ready to Go kits contain all items of the starter kit plus a telescopic handle
  • Ready to Go Kit Push contain all items of the Ready to Go kits plus a push bar
Unit Size - 100wipes/pack, 10packs/carton
Ordering Size-
1 carton

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Vileda Ultraspeed Pro

Double Bucket System

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