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Conveyor Tracking

The Best Solution for Object Handling Problems

conveyor Tracking can capture information about the position and orientation of objects based on vision or sensors for highly accurate dynamic conveyor tracking.

Perfect Software And Hardware Integration

No additional controller is required, and the camera, encoder and EtherCAT expansion module can be used with the specified model.

Recommended scope of use
a.  One robot can be used for two conveyors (one pick and one place).
b.  Conveyor reference speed: < 300 mm/s
c. Average precision ± 1mm (when the workpiece angle varies within ±15 degree).

The supported cameras are as follows: (not included)

Device name  : Camera
Interface : GigE
Model Global shutter : Basler acA2440-20gc(Color 2/3 Sensor)
Rolling shutter : Basler acA2500-14gc(Color 1/2.5 Sensor)

When the conveyor speed is <300 mm/s, the average error is ±1 mm. The Rolling Shutter camera is recommended for use only at low speeds (conveyor speeds <100 mm/s) with low accuracy requirements.

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