DuPont Sierra Face MaskDuPont Sierra Face Mask


DuPont Sierra Face Mask. The ideal face mask combines high breathability with exceptional filtration efficiency. DuPont Sierra face masks deliver both.
  • Garments are gamma sterilized to SAL of 10-6.
  • Mask is 7″ size with bound Tyvek® ties for cleanroom use
  • Pleated rayon outer facing
  • Metal nose piece
  • Adhesive at nose
  • One size fits most
  • Full traceability on all sterilized apparel with Certificates of Sterility Available Here
Property Test Method Typical Result Std Dev
Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (3.0 micron) ASTM F2101 96 % 1.4 %
Particle Filtration Efficiency (0.1 micron, not neutralized) ASTM F2299 92 % 2.5 %
Pressure Drop ASTM F2101 3.4 mm H2O 0.7 mm H2O

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Unit Size - 1000pcs/carton, 50pcs/bag, 20bags/carton
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1 Carton

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DuPont Sierra Face Mask


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