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Bench top Stand alone X-Ray System

High-performance Benchtop X-ray inspection for SMT/Electronics/Mechanical

For several years technical teams had to make a decision: to buy a large x-ray inspection system for good image quality, or to buy a benchtop x-ray system for low image quality. The TruView™ Prime breaks this paradigm by offering outstanding image quality in a benchtop configuration. The TruView™ Prime can be configured as a generic x-ray inspection system, ideal for use in PCB inspection (BGA and QFN), or it can be configured in a high magnification mode (using a transmissive x-ray source), ideal for semiconductor failure analysis with geometric magnification to 1,000X.
The TruView™ Prime was designed to be easy to use. Utilizing the principles of “plug-and-play”, the TruView™ Prime can be installed and ran with minimal training. The TruView™ Prime is a semi-automated x-ray inspection system when powered by the TruView™ 10 Premium.

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Creative Electron Benchtop Prime Series

Bench top Stand alone X-Ray System

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