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BOM Connector Electronics Assembly Quotation Tool


  • BOM Connector is the most complete BOM tool on the market for electronic manufacturing, greatly easing the tasks of loading, preparing, scrubbing, formatting, checking and comparing of BOM data.
  • BOM Connector helps you create more accurate quotes much quicker and provides a powerful database “backend” to track and reuse your work for future projects.
  • BOM Connector adds a vital missing piece to MES System. Plus all manufacturers, EMS and OEM, can profit greatly from BOM Connector.
  • The CircuitByte development team provides first-class integration and usage support, timely updates and in-house training.
  • BOM Connector works seamlessly with Siemens Valor MSS Process Preparation to close the loop on NPI Process to include the often disconnected and manually slow process of generating costing for BOM Materials need for an Electronic Assembly.
  • Tool flow and integrate well with most of the main ERP Providers,  like SAP , Oracle, MS Dynamics and others.

Customer data is pulled into the BOM Connector database via direct connections to the key data sources.  Most important of these is the ERP system.  Additional sources of technical or commercial data, such as a CMS system or a PLM system can also be connected.  And of course, PCB data or manufacturing process data can be brought in from an MES system. In short, wherever you have information that can be used to improve your BOM data and quotation process flow, BOM Connector will interface to it.

As a result of this clean data flow, many different types of users within the company can take use BOM Connector to improve their tasks.  From design engineers who want to quickly check component technical properties and end-of-life information to help them choose the right part early in the cycle, to process and manufacturing engineers who need to get the BOM smoothly through to production. And of course, operative or strategic purchasers who need to wade through myriad offers in order to get the best price quickly.

And last but not least, certainly for EMS companies, a customer sends over raw BOM data – in varying formats, contents and quality – that needs to be imported, checked, “prepped” and processed, all under time pressure.

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BOM Connector Electronics Assembly Quotation Tool